Holy Comic Sans

In 2003 I debaptized myself.*
This is the letter I received from the archdiocese of Milan:

debaptism letter

That’s right, you’ve seen right: Comic Sans!
They offered to arrange a meeting to explain the dire consequences of the annullment of my baptism (including a latae sententiae excommunication).


Being excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church is one of the pleasurable goals I’ve attained in my life, along with being able to perform a Tom Waits song on the piano, learning more than two foreign languages, becoming a vegetarian and a few others.

In conclusion, my fellow designers, I advise you all to abandon your crusade against Comic Sans: if the Church uses it there is no stopping it! Holy Comic Sans!

* It is possible to cancel one’s membership from the Roman Catholic Church through the so called Actus formalis defectionis ab Ecclesia catholica (formal act of defection from the Catholic Church). The baptism remains a fact but it stops being valid, effectively ending one’s status as official member of the church.