Jack Nance as Henry Spencer in Eraserhead (1977), David Lynch’s first feature film.


2011 has been lean and mean so here’s hoping 2012 will bring growth, both personal and professional, to all of us (click to enlarge):

Great Hair #7: Billy Preston

I mean look at it:

Billy Preston

Now listen:

Great Hair #6: Georges Perec

Georges Perec

Great beard and crazy eyes also.

Great Hair #5: Edgar Varèse

Edgar Varese

He wrote wonderfully crazy orchestral music and looked like a mad scientist.
Of course he was Frank Zappa’s favorite composer!

Great Hair #4: James Brown

james brown

Great Hair #3: Slappy White

slappy white

As Melvin on Sanford And Son.

Great Hair #2: Jim Jarmusch

jim jarmusch

Also great psychotic eyes.

Great Hair #1: David Lynch

david lynch


Personal illustration to celebrate the combover, one of the most baffling hairdos of all time:

And here’s a close up of the character:

combover detail