Jack Nance as Henry Spencer in Eraserhead (1977), David Lynch’s first feature film.

More Cowbell

Guess what?! I got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell!
Christopher Walken as fictional producer Bruce Dickinson in the famous Saturday Night Live sketch “More Cowbell”.

Here’s a short animation of the painting process:

More Cowbell animation

More shots in my Portfolio Gallery.

Milano Calibro 9

Milano Calibro 9

I so wanna paint these frames from this 1972 Italian masterpiece!


Motta Milano Venezia Anni 70
My fascination with the Seventies might be the culprit here but I find the building above so ugly it’s beautiful: a striking example of an “autogrill”.
These highway restaurants can be found all over Italy. For some mysterious reason they feature a selection of regional food items that don’t really exist anywhere else on the territory. Among them the infamous noce di prosciutto pepata (literally a “walnut of peppered ham”) is a particularly baffling find.

Bill Cosby, 1972


Look at that jacket!

The Mack


One of the best blaxploitation movies, this one’s about pimps. Richard Pryor’s in it too, what other reason do you need? Go watch it!

Willie Dynamite

willie dynamite
Look at that W!


zappa mehta 1970
Frank Zappa and Zubin Mehta, Los Angeles 1970.


Zappa flares

Wide Lapels

Frank Zappa
Long pointed collar, wide lapels. That’s right, Frank!





Aah, 70′s typography…

Feel the Velvet, Baby

Feel the Velvet, Baby