Caffè Paulista

My favorite Italian coffee label. A long time ago it was still possible to find tins of this coffee, now only available in regular packages. Also they redid the identity with Helvetica, bleh.



No More Whizbang Miracles

In the early days of television, when there were only half a dozen channels, at most, significant, well-written dramas on a cathode-ray tube could still make us feel like members of an attentive congregation, alone at home as we might be.
There was a high probability back then, with so few shows to choose from, that friends and neighbors were watching the same show we were watching, still finding TV a whizbang miracle. We might even call up a friend that very night and ask a question to which we already knew the answer. “Did you see that? Wow!”
No more.

Kurt Vonnegut, Timequake, 1996.

Harry Partch’s 43-note Scale

Partch 43-note scale

Click image for full view.

Great Hair #5: Edgar Varèse

Edgar Varese

He wrote wonderfully crazy orchestral music and looked like a mad scientist.
Of course he was Frank Zappa’s favorite composer!

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