Jon Gomm

Jon Gomm is the first guitarist to astound me in a long time. He clearly started in the path created by Micheal Hedges (an admitted influence) but he developed his own unique style. The way he combines musical notes, percussion sounds and tuning pegs in a musical way stopped me in my tracks.

When you see someone reach such high and personal levels of proficiency and tasteful expression you know they’re passionate individuals who worked really hard to develop their art, and that’s the inspiration right there.

The fact that Jon steers clear of the corporate music world adds another level of appreciation from me. And to top it off he has a great name, both phonetically and orthographically.

Bill Cosby, 1972


Look at that jacket!

The Mack


One of the best blaxploitation movies, this one’s about pimps. Richard Pryor’s in it too, what other reason do you need? Go watch it!

There are no lines

Watch Bill’s act then listen to the interview.

Those two idiots will never get it.

Great Hair #7: Billy Preston

I mean look at it:

Billy Preston

Now listen:

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