The Only Car That Matters

Citroen DS


The greatest car chase ever filmed. San Francisco was designed for the sole purpose of making this scene happen.

Gedess Lead Sharpener

Going through my university toolbox I found this gem:

I didn’t take a picture of the actual sharpener but it looks like this (mine has a black ball) and it’s remarkably simple and effective. Here’s a page from the patent submission:

Someone scanned a box in better condition.

Unfortunately I seem to have misplaced (lost?) all my wonderful leadholders :-(

Milano Calibro 9

Milano Calibro 9

I so wanna paint these frames from this 1972 Italian masterpiece!


Motta Milano Venezia Anni 70
My fascination with the Seventies might be the culprit here but I find the building above so ugly it’s beautiful: a striking example of an “autogrill”.
These highway restaurants can be found all over Italy. For some mysterious reason they feature a selection of regional food items that don’t really exist anywhere else on the territory. Among them the infamous noce di prosciutto pepata (literally a “walnut of peppered ham”) is a particularly baffling find.

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